perpus2 Library Studies Program in Public Health School of Public Health, University of Muhammadiyah Semarang with open service system (open access). The system is very possible library service users are free to use the collection and existing facilities, with the use of intranet and internet. Collections owned by the library, a large part is the book specially basic subjects (MKDK) and a small portion is basic common textbooks (MKDU), such as books on language, religion, Pancasila. Popular books, and fiction books, which can be accessed via the internet or intranet. Type Collections held in Community Health Studies Program Faculty of Public Health, University of Muhammadiyah Semarang is as follows:


1. Textbooks Textbooks or can be called textbook is a book written specifically for students studying and taking a teaching ( This book can be borrowed to take home as lending procedures have been set. 2. Book Backup Are all titles of books owned by the library where the book can not be taken home, but only in a photo copy only. 3. Reference Books Or textbook / reference library is a library whose contents are prepared and processed in particular for use as a place to ask questions or seek information and not to read in its entirety ( Which includes among other reference books: dictionaries, directories, yearbooks, encyclopedias, almanacs, biographies, magazines abstracts, indexes, and others. This collection can only be read on the spot and photocopied. 4. Scientific Work Is book one’s research results which are also useful as a reference and to develop knowledge among other essay, thesis and research. 5. Issue glow Serial publication is a publication that comes out in section in a row by using the serial number and / or chronologically intended to rise in an unspecified time. 6. Scientific Journal Libraries also subscribe to scientific journals as required courses, both junal local, regional, and international levels. Journals in print and electronic journals (e-journals). International journals (e-journals) that can be accessed include ProQuest, Cengage (Gale), and EBSCO. Journal of Public Health Indonesia (JKMI) published by the Public Health Studies Program Faculty of Public Health, University of Muhammadiyah Semarang who had based OJS (Open Journal System) which is accessible to all students and the public.